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Lake Skadar

The largest lake in the Balkan peninsula

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Let us introduce to you the wild beauty of Lake Skadar. It's stunning views, hidden bays and rivers, its' many islands, monasteries and old fisherman's houses. Discover its amazing wildlife - it is one of the most important bird sanctuararies in Europe and contains more than forty species of fish with shores home to a huge variety of fauna.

Boat "Milica", was constructed in the workshop of an old master Janko Brnovic 2011th in Podgorica. It was modeled on a traditional fishing boat. Boat "Milica"belongs to the family of Dabanovic from Virpazar.

As a good host, an expert on the lake and a man who was born on Lake Skadar in Virpazar, Andrija will explore with you the best way to the lake.

Our daughter's, Milica, and Ksenija, will tell you a lot of traditional stories, legends and customs of Skadar Lake, its history and culture, and the beauty of flora and fauna. Jelena will help you in choosing the route of the cruise on the lake, and other information related to the region. We are members in the group of volunteers for birdwatching experience. 

With kindness and knowledge we will indroduce you to our tradition and culture, and we will give our best to make your stay at Lake Skadar unforgettable. 

Skadar Lake has so much to offer, but we suggest to you routes which are, in our opinion, the most beautiful.

All routes begin in Virpazar. This small picturesque town was founded in 19th century and named by whirl (vir), where the locals came by boats to the market place where they were selling their homemade products. Virpazar has around 300 citizens and its located on the delta of rivers Crmnica and Orahovstica, has three bridges with a medieval fortress Besac above it.

We hope to see you soon!

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