Unique bird watching tours on Skadar Lake

Discover and enjoy the incredible sights and wildlife paradise on Skadar Lake with us!

Skadar lake abounds with over 280 different species of birds. On lake, there are tree protected areas where you can do bird watching: Pancevo oka, Crni zar and Manastirska tapija.

The Dalmatian pelican is the symbol of the Lake Skadar. Besides pelicans, you would also have the opportunity to see: mallard, Glossy Ibis, Squacco Heron, bitterns, egrets, terns, Great Crested grebe, eagle (Krstas sort), cormorant and many more.With the boat Milica we are able to navigate in areas deep up to 20 centimeters, which means that the boat can go throught the swamp area and pass throught marshed areas of Lake Skadar, same of them corvered with reeds, and, also through the deeper woods where birds bend nest.

For avid birdwatchers, we organize target trips based on your requirements,for a beginner birder, we will plan a personal and unique itinerary where will be able to learn about the birds of Skadar Lake and our natural world.

One of our specialities is the combintion of birding and culture in which we offer diverse opportunities to enjoy our cultural and natural treasures.

The best time for birdwatching on Lake Skadar is from April to June and Autumn.

Come and enjoy the bird paradise!

Every trip is a donation!!! Explore,Enjoy and Empower : Your trip supports Bird Conservation!