Boat cruising

Boat cruising at Lake Skadar

It doesn’t matter what season it is, every traveler has to experience lake cruising. We are here to help you with that. Skadar Lake has a lot to offer, but we suggest to you routes which are, in our opinion, the most beautiful.

All routes begin in Virpazar. This small picturesque town was founded in 19th century and named by whirl (vir), where the locals came by boats to the market place where they were selling their homemade products. Virpazar has around 300 citizens and its located on the delta of rivers Crmnica and Orahovstica, has three bridges with a medieval fortress Besac above it.

Prices for cruising at Lake Skadar

We make individual and group tours, and our rates are as follows:

  • For groups of up to 5 people: €25 per hour
  • For groups of 5 to 10 people: €30 per hour

If you would like to take a join tour with another small group, let us know, and we will try to accommodate your request if any other tourists are taking the same tour at the same time. We only take a maximum of 10 tourists in each group to keep the group size small, so that we can give you personal attention. :)

In case of joining the groupe the touriste do not share price, they only get discount.

All of the mentioned tours include swimming, wich is optional. It is not obligatory but its very beautiful experience and we highly recommend it!

Boat cruising tours

2h Cruising

Virpazar - Lesendro - Andrijska gora - Virpazar

After the small and narrow canal that leads from Virpazar and connects us with the Skadar lake, we are passing by fortress Lesendro from 1843. While cruising the narrow canals with our small boats, you can enjoy the untouched nature of Lake Skadar. Cruise continues in a large area of Skadar lake, covered by water lillies and other floating plants, inhabited by many bird and fish species. We round up our tour with cruising around small islands known as gorice, Mala and Velika Cakovica, Andrijska gora, all the way to the entrance of the canals that leads to Rijeka Crnojevica.

2h Cruising

Virpazar - Grmozur (Montenegrin Alcatraz) - St. Nicola's Monastery,Vranjina - Virpazar

Departure from Virpazar. Cruising around "Grmozur" from 1847. (prison-island), known as Montenegrin Alcatraz. During the cruise from Grmozur to St. Nicola's Monastery, we are passing through the delta of Moraca river. Delta of Moraca river is fantastic place for bird watching! Out of the boat to the island "Vranjina" and monastery visit.

3h Cruising

Virpazar - Monastery "Kom" - Virpazar

Departuring from Virpazar, through narrow canals and water lilly fields, we cruise to one of the most beautiful monasteries- Kom. This monastery is devoted to the mother of Christ and it was built between 1415. and 1427. It's also a place where Petar II Petrovic Njegos was proclaimed as archimandrite in 1831.

3h - 4h Cruising

Virpazar - Poseljani - Virpazar

Cruising from Virpazar to abandoned village "Poseljani" is very interesting for guests who like active routes. We hike for about 800m, up to the wonderful waterfalls and abandoned water mills. Our guests love to refresh with the waterfalls, which we warmly recommend.

4h Cruising

Virpazar - Dodosi - Virpazar

Cruising through breathtaking landscape from Virpazar to Dodosi. During the summer time village Dodosi is surrounded with green fields but during the autumn it becomes peninsula. Karatuna river is Wild Beauty in every sense. Untouched nature, clear water, peacefulness- paradise for swimming. Otherwise, Dodosi are well known to all the guests who are interested in bird watching.

5h Cruising

Virpazar - Manastirska tapija - Krnjice - Radus - Grmozur - Virpazar

This is our favourite tour. During the five-hour cruising we will introduce you our history and tradition, you can enjoy the local specialities and if you like birdwatching, this is the right tour for you. Cruising from Virpazar to Krnjice village, through the "Manastirska tapija" (special bird reserve) there is a big posibility that you will see pelicans, among other bitd species. In Krnjice you can enjoy the luch at the local family, 10 Eur per person. In return from Krnjice we are visiting Radus (the deepest point at the Skadar Lake), fisherman village "Seoca" and "Grmozur island".

6h Cruising

Virpazar - Karuc

This is one of our bestselling tour. Karuc is a fishing village. There is a possibility to enjoy the lunch ate the local family. We always have a good feedback.

Full day Cruising

Full-day route

This is cruising for those who want to spend all day at the Skadar lake. During the cruising, we are visiting 2 islands with monasteries. On "Beska" island there are two churches dating from 14th century, dinasty Balsic period. Monastery Beska is the only female monastery at the Skadar lake. On island "Starceva gorica" there is a monastery devoted to mother of Jesus Christ and it dates from Balsic dinasty period, 1378.